Vinyl application instructions

Vinyl Application Instructions


All surfaces are considered dirty and must be cleaned prior to the application of vinyl. Cleaners such as Windex are acceptable; however, we recommend a 1-part isopropyl alcohol to 5-parts mixture of water. If that is not available, then a small amount of pure liquid soap or degreaser added to a spray bottle of water will work too. Air and surface temperature must be above 55 degrees fahrenheit for the application of the decal.

Apply the vinyl using the following steps:

NOTE: It is recommended that a novice installer have a helper present to ensure there are no problems. It is not a requirement however but will help insure a quality installation. **Keep in mind It is also a bit more difficult to install on textured surfaces.

*Instructions for Applying Vinyl Decals

Steps to apply vinyl:

1. Place sticker face up on table or hard surface. Use squeegee, credit card or driver’s license. Rub over surface. This will ensure the decal will stick to application tape when removing the backing.

2. Clean surface. Allow to dry.

3. Leaving the decal face down, carefully and slowly remove backing. If some of decal sticks to backing, re-attach and repeat step 1.

4. Apply decal from inward to outward. Make sure it is straight.

5. With squeegee, credit card or driver’s license, rub once again. This will ensure decal will stay on window (or surface area applying it to).

6. Carefully remove application tape. Pull the tape back over itself. If bubbles appear, Squeeze them out to the edge, or puncture a pinhole and squeeze air out

It is common for there to be some small bubbles throughout the decal. These bubbles will leave by themselves within a few weeks. If you have any major bubbles, you can eliminate them by carefully heating the area with a hair dryer or heat gun, and then puncturing them with a needle and applying pressure with your thumb.


Many of our decals are purposely cut into different pieces, this is for ease of application and for you to arrange them however you may like.




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